About Us

The trick is to move the fan out of the way before anything can hit it. Things happen. No matter how well you plan, some unexpected surprise will inevitably rear its ugly head. But we're aware of that. And over the years we've developed the ability to think on the fly.

Anticipating the Unexpected

The fact is, sometimes construction management is nothing more than organized chaos. We do our best to organize the chaos and anticipate the unexpected. One thing that helps us succeed is upfront budgetary planning. Budgetary planning is a huge part of our business, allowing us to anticipate the cost and timeline of a job well in advance. Our estimates are extremely accurate. They have to be. And we're often asked to come up with them within a short timeline - sometimes under 24 hours. And we do it. All the time.

Understanding Our Clients Intentions

Another thing that helps us plan every job successfully is our ability to understand our client's intentions - even if they don't quite understand it themselves. Years of experience with many different clients on various types of jobs gives us valuable insight as to what customers want and what their projects need. So even if you don't know quite what you are looking for, chances are we do. Our planning process saves you headaches, money and time. Our fan is squeaky clean. And we're going to keep it that way.

Management can be described in one word: hands-on.

Ok, so that was really two words with a hyphen, but you get the idea. We're not a few names on the plaques of empty office doors but hardworking people who believe in investing time with customers and our company. We work the occasional late night, miss a lot of lunches, and do everything in our power to keep the company and in particular, your project, running smoothly.

We're on the job, not out on the green.

Yes, we actually enjoy delving into estimates ourselves and doing the legwork on the job site. Construction management is our passion and our pride. And we're here to help you and guide your job every step of the way. Quite honestly, we feel it's the best way to do business. And besides, we're much better managers than golfers.

A Long-Term Commitment.

We go the extra mile to make sure you're pleased with the job we do. In fact right after we go over punch list and take care of everything to your satisfaction, our warranty begins, simply put. Our warranty is a long-term commitment to you to make things right and to continually maintain your satisfaction.

No if's, and's or but's, we stand behind our work, and people appreciate that. Maybe it's why 90% of our business is repeat. And repeat business is something we're more than happy to be sealed into.